News of love, couple, sex and friendship

News of love, couple, sex and friendshipNews of love, couple, sex and friendship. That will be the purpose of this blog. Talk about everything that has to do with love, relationships and also friendship. And surely we will also talk about health issues, because it has a great relationship with what was discussed before. We will also venture into the intriguing world of polls. From time to time we will launch some questions through social networks. Later, we will analyze the results and offer our conclusions.

We hope to have a sufficiently important reach in social networks so that the results are noticeable. So don’t be afraid to participate in such surveys because they will be private. And surely the conclusions will be most striking.

In addition, we will also bring news that comes from abroad. From the United States and Canada, passing through South America and the rest of Europe. Each country has a different way of seeing the news of love, partner, sex and friendship.

News of love, couple, sex and friendship

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Humans evolve the intellect and develop feelings. But the body machine is still that of a primate. And when that primate falls in love, the organ that catches fire is the brain and not the heart. With the forgiveness of the poets.

As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said, «Loving is not looking at each other; it is looking together in the same direction.» We hope you like this blog a lot.

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