Health is one of the most important elements in people’s lives. In general, we associate this term with something global, understanding the complete health of a person. However, purely sexual health is also important. And here we are going to deal with certain aspects related to this topic. Because we don’t want to leave out something so important. So we will talk about how sex can affect our hearts. Or how to solve problems that are sometimes as silent as pain during sex with our partner. We will also give clues and data on how to physically improve our body to enjoy sex more and better.

Lubricant in sex

The lubricant in sex can be of great importance. People do not give it the importance it deserves and consider it superficial. But it has been shown to help make sex better. The reason is simple: it avoids irritation in the genitals because it relieves friction. In many cases, there is a tendency to think […]

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