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Terms and Conditions

In the web site www.everyjackhashisjill.com,the owners of the domain wants the user that registerers in this site to have the opportunity to meet other users easily. Thus the user must agree with the terms and conditions explained below. We reserve the right to change these terms at any moment and, therfore, accepting these terms implies accepting these changes. This way, you shall revise these terms to be updated. Anyway, the last responsability will fall on Prelinker Networks, the company that supplies the necessary tools for the users registration.

Terms and Conditions are the following:

1.- User behaviour:

A. By using our service you agree to act responsibily showing the exercise of good sense. You must agree with: (a) not to violate the applicable laws, (b) not to infringe the rights of any other people including, with no restriction, intellectual property, privacy, publicity or contractual rights, (c) not to use the available information of our service for any unanthorized purpose, (d) not to interfere or damage our service, including the use of virus, bots, trojans, attacks against this service, package sendings or IP spoofing, etc, (e) not to use our service to transmit, distribute, publish or submmit any information concerning any other people or company, including other people photographs, credit cards, business cards or account numbers, (f) not to use our service to distribute e-mail not allowed ("spam") or publicity, (g) not to harass other users of our service, (h) not to get or accumulate any information of any other users of our Service, (i) not to use our service for any other purpose at all (j) and not to help a third part in the achivement of any of the previous sections.

B. You are the only person responsible of your interaction with other users of our Service. We don't be responsible of any damage resulting of your interactions with other users of our service. We reserve the right, but we don't have the obligation, to supervise interactions between you and other users of our Service and take any other action to limit the access to the availability of any material that we or other user of our Service may consider obscene, lascivious, dirty, excessively violent or disgusting in ther senses.

2.- Privacity:

We understand the concerns and interests you may have about your privacy. We want to respect your right to protect your personal information. Nevertheless our service is designed to allow the users to insert photographs and information about themselves and to let other users to see their profiles. In consecuence, as you complete the form and you upload your photograph and/or any personal information, you renounce to any expectation of privacy. If you don't want to mantain your photograph or information to be viewed by other users, you can do it, and if you want you may unsubscribe of our service. In most of the cases we don't transfer this information to third parts non affiliated without your consent. Nevertheless we reserve the right to transfer this information without your consent with the purpose to prevent an emergency, to protect or to make accomplish our rights, to protect or to make accomplish the rights of a third one or in response to a judicial order or to keep the law.

3.- Other:

Our service is created for people over 18 years old, so we won't allow no one under 18 to use our service.

3.- Other:

Our service is created for people over 18 years old, so we won't allow no one under 18 to use our service.

4.- Our content for the user:

A. By completing the registration form of our site you give us the perpetual, universal, non exclusive right and the license to use, reproduce, show, modify, distribute and promote that content by any way, in every known or created media, all around the world and to any purpose.

B. You are the only responsible for any content you transmit through our service. You agree not to upload any content: (a) difamatory or slanderous, (b) that includes sexually implicit material, (c) can denigrate any etnical, racial, sexual or religious group, (d) people under 18 years old images, (e) that promotes the use of drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, (f) that uses offensive words or images, (g) that shows violence as something acceptable, (h) that contents part of your personal information, as your email address.

C. We reserve the right to modify or correct any part of the information included in the form as long as violates any of the declared conditions before.

5.- Content for third people:

By using our service you can access the content of third people. We control the content of those people. You agree that, by using our service, you can know the content of third people that may be false, offensive, indecent or any other way, disgusting. In no case we are obligated by third people's content.

6.- Owner's right:

A. You agree that content and material at your disposal about our site are protected: publicity, copyright, registered trademark, patents or other property rights or laws. Unless you have our permission you agree not to sell, rent, modify, distribute, copy, reproduce, transmit, show, publish, adapt, correct or create works derived form materials or content of our site. However, you can use materials and content of our site in the curse of the ordinary, personan and non profit use of it.

B. You agree not to recover data or other content or material of our site to create, directly or indirectly, any collection or data base, directory or something similar, neither manually nor using "bots" or by any other way. You agree not to use any of our registered marks as metatags over other sites. You agree not to show our site in an iframe without our specific consent that can be demanded by contacting us at info@everyjackhashisjill.com. You can nevertheless make ordinary links to our site without our consent.

7.- End of this service:

You agree we can end your access to our service for any reason, including the violation of these conditions. You agree, in adition, that this ending of your access to our site can be make without prior notice, and admit that we can inmediatly deactivate or suppress any of your accounts and all the related information, and files as well. Finally you agree that we have no obligation to end your access to our service.

8.- Interruption of this service:

We reserve the right to modify or interrupt, at any moment, temporally or permanently, any part of our service with or without prior notice. You agree we cannont be obligated by you or any other one to modify or interrupt our service.

9.- Representations and guarantees:

Hereby: (a) you have the power and the authority to act according to these conditions, (b) the use of our service will not infringe copyright, registered trade mark, publicity or any other legal right of any third people, (c) you will accomplish with all the applicable laws to the use of our service and to the hiring of all the activities related with these conditions including, with no restriction, contacting other users of our service.

10.- Guarantee rectification:

A. If you use our service, you do it under your own and exclusive risk.

B. We do not guarantee that (a) our service will fulfill your expectations, (b) our service will be uninterrupted, correct, sure and have no mistakes, (c) any information you can obtain from our service will be exact and reliable, (d) the quality of any product, service, information or any material bought or obtained by you through our service will satisfy you, (e) any information you can provide won't be revealed to third people, (f) any mistake in any data or software will be corrected.

C. If you transmit any content used by our service, you do it under your own risk. You are the only responsible of any loss or damage that this action can provoke.

D. No data, information or advice obtained by you orally or written will creat any guarantee expressly indicated in this conditions.

11.- Limits about responsability:

A. You agree we will not be responsible of any direct, indirect or secondary damages (even if we have been informed of the possibility of these damages) related to: (a) the use of our service, (b) the replacement cost of any merchandise, service or information bought as consequence of any information or transaction signed by our service, (c) the find of non authorised access or content alteration, (d) declarations, behaviours or omissions of any service supplier or any third people over our service, (e) any other subject related to our service or these conditions.

B. We will not be responsible of any failure or delay in the relation according to these conditions when this is originated by causes we can not reasonably control, including natural disasters, governmental acts or omissions, laws or regulations, terrorism, work strikes, communication system interruptions, hardware or software, etc.

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