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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Every Jack has his Jill"?

www.everyjackhashisjill.com is a website created by a group of people that wants to help other people to have new relationships.

What is the goal of "Every Jack has his Jill"?

The goal of www.everyjackhashisjill.com is to help people registered in the site to know other people. We can't guarantee the results but we are sure you will have the chance to meet people from your city, your country or all around the world.

Why is it better to upload your photograph?

We don't think appearance is the most important thing but we know that a short description or some data is not possible to get the other person. That's why we think the combination of both elements is possitive so every one can see every user.

Why "Every Jack has his Jill" is a payment site?

We have joint the world's biggest personal relationships: Prelinker. At present they have more than 30 million users all around the world. We think is a great opportunity for us and for the people who visit our site so the possibilities to meet new people increase considerably.

Who has to pay to use "Every Jack has his Jill"?

Prelinker stablishes men are the only ones to pay for the service, being able to choose between three different fees: monthly, quarterly and biannually. Women don't have to pay for these services.

What does happen with the old user that you had in "Every Jack has his Jill"?

We think it's better to use only one app inside our site so all the files of the former system will disappear gradually.

Below you can see some files of our users. If you want to contact them, the first thing you should do is click on the photo or the nickname. Then, when you are in the file, you will have to click on the 'Meet' button and fill in the form.