Flirting on Tinder, mission impossible

Flirting on Tinder, mission impossibleFlirting on Tinder, mission impossible. Or not? We imagine that everyone has their experiences on this famous social network. Perhaps we cannot consider Tinder as a social network either. It has nothing to do with Facebook or Instagram. It serves to meet people and, a priori, nothing else. There are those who seek friendship, there are those who seek a partner and there are those who seek sex. What is your experience?

In the case of the person writing this article, the experience has been rather weak. It all starts two and a half years ago with the purchase of an iPhone 7. I decided then to install this famous application and see what happened. Some photos, a description and little more to complete a profile that hardly describes us. My location, Madrid, seemed to promise interesting things. However, either because of my physical appearance or because of my description, I had no luck. What was wrong? I didn’t know it then and I still don’t know it now.

Flirting on Tinder thanks to Gold

Last year, in the month of June, I achieved some small successes full of, let’s say it, mystery. Two girls from the capital, my age and in good physical condition, hit the like. I struck up cyber conversation with them and it was all laughter, hubbub, and good humor. Good vibes. Chemistry. Not that it seemed strange to me, I think that by not standing out for my physique, I have developed a good sense of humor. However, I saw too much «hahaha». Suddenly, first one and then the other, they disappeared. Why? Possible bots? I think so.

A few months later I traveled to the Bahamas and opened Tinder. Suddenly, in one day I had more likes than in a year and a half. That did deserve a very «hahaha». Since I didn’t want to be wrong and I needed to know who likes on my profile, I paid for a year of Tinder Gold. Mistake or success? I think the second. Not because in the Bahamas it was successful. Not even at the subsequent stop in the Dominican Republic, where there is more activity, apparently, than in Spain. But because I decided to use it worldwide. It is one of the features of the paid version. We can choose the city we want, wherever we are. And so I have met some interesting person.

Love, friendship or sex

I have a hard time making sure if people want this or that or the other. If I had to generalize, and based on what I read in the profiles of the women, I would say that they want love and they want sex. Many are those who say they do not want a roll, a night of sex, ONS (one-night stand), hook up (fuck), etc. So I imagine they ask for that and they make it clear that they don’t want that.

I seek to meet people, talk, have new friends. Maybe I’m a little weird. I also believe that physique is decisive in our success or failure on Tinder. As much lip that one may have, a good body is valued more. Yes, they also value it. Although they say at first that they like the spirit, they all move a good body, a pretty face. And it is logical. The odd thing would be the opposite.

Can you draw a conclusion from all this? As far as I’m concerned, God didn’t give me the gift of physical beauty, but at least I’m funny. I know that if I won 100 million euros in the lottery tomorrow, I would become handsome and attractive. As long as that does not happen, I will have to settle for changing my location and trying my luck in other countries. Higher success rate although the physical / personal encounter is much more complicated. Now, I’m going to try flirting on Tinder. Or what you can.