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Sex and friendship

Sex and friendship may or may not go hand in hand. For a long time it is something that is frowned upon because they say that sex kills friendship. But mature people know how to deal with a situation that is neither strange nor extreme. In general, we have the view that sex occurs only

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Lubricant in sex

The lubricant in sex can be of great importance. People do not give it the importance it deserves and consider it superficial. But it has been shown to help make sex better. The reason is simple: it avoids irritation in the genitals because it relieves friction. In many cases, there is a tendency to think

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Scammed for love

Scammed for love could be the title of a movie or television series. But no, unfortunately it is something that happens in reality. And more often than we think. On television or in the written press we have surely read of cases of this type in our country. What does it consist on? Basically, one

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What is polyamory

What is polyamory? Why is this concept of love being talked about more and more? Where can I find it? All these questions and many are being asked frequently in recent times. It almost seems that there is the possibility of creating a new field in couple relationships. Let’s go through parts to clarify different

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