Relationships during the quarantine

Relationships during the quarantineRelationships during the quarantine imposed by the coronavirus have been affected in one way or another. Millions of people have been confined to their homes in an effort to stop it. Couples who live together must face an indefinite future in each other’s company. For this reason they have difficulty adapting to safety practices and new regulations.

Relationship experts believe that this time can be spent strengthening couples. That is, it can help grow them as long as people take the time to be aware of the needs. These are the tips that relationship experts want couples to know during the quarantine.

Try to stick with your individual routines

For many people, the lockdown and social distancing precautions put in place by the coronavirus mean that they work from home. As a result, people are finding that the time they used to spend waking up and following a morning routine has been replaced. According to Dr. Jennifer B. Rhodes, one of the most important things couples should do is follow their pre-quarantine routines as much as possible. To keep relationships smooth, Rhodes said couples need to be mindful of their own routines and follow them. You have to prioritize exercise just as you would during your typical life. And it is that moving our bodies is essential to keep «anxiety and depression» at bay.

Knowing that it can be «difficult right now» to focus on the positives, Rhodes said doing so can ensure you don’t find yourself and your partner struggling unnecessarily. «It really is just a change in mindset,» Rhodes said. «Instead of seeing your partner’s flaws because they didn’t put their clothes in the basket or they haven’t showered, focus on ‘I’m happy to be together’; or my partner is doing the dishes; or ‘I really like that you are up on the facts about the virus. »

Sex in couple relationships during the quarantine

Experts want couples to know that the amount of sex they are having should not be a cause for concern. «It’s not something you need to focus too much on right now,» Rachel A Sussman said. She is a licensed psychotherapist, relationship expert, and founder of Sussman Counseling. “If you have less, it is not something you should worry too much about. If you have more, good for you. However, according to Sussman, a conversation about sex should take place if you see that it is a problem or if you feel like your partner is not on the same page. Rhodes also suggested that couples discuss their sex lives, as men and women are known to deal with stress differently.

According to Rhodes, women in heterosexual relationships may face greater «pressure» to have sex more often. And it is that «men often face stress through sexual activity, while women generally lose their desire.» To ensure that sex is not going to cause a problem, Rhodes told us, «There needs to be an open conversation about how everyone is feeling.»

Do activities that require your hands and use empathy

Rhodes said doing other activities that require his hands is also recommended for couples in their forties. And it is that «anything with the hands stimulates the heart chakra and can calm the nervous system.» According to Rhodes, cooking, especially if it is a recipe that brings back memories of his childhood, or puzzles, are good options.

Another of the most important things relationship experts want couples to remember during this stressful time is to show empathy. According to Sussman, one of the biggest problems he has seen so far is with partners that partners lack empathy; even if they have been through something difficult like losing a job. He also said that women find it difficult to show empathy towards their partner as «they are not used to seeing their husbands weak or falling apart.» Relationships during the quarantine will put this aspect to the test every day.