Friendship during the coronavirus

Friendship during the coronavirusFriendship during the coronavirus is put to the test because of the isolation we suffer. They are difficult days in every way because few people have gone through such a situation. But we are very lucky with the technological advances that exist in our time. Social networks are an escape from this peculiar reality that we are currently facing. Because we cannot and should not be all day seeing the bad news that this disease generates. We must take advantage to contact our friends through the different applications that are within our reach.

During these weeks, we have used the phone more than ever. Not only to enter WhatsApp and send messages, but also to make calls. We do not want to lose contact with those people who have marked and conditioned our lives in a positive way. So we cannot lose friendship during the coronavirus. Do not stop using Whatsapp, Telegram or Skype. Keep talking to all of them and prepare a meeting for when this is all over. Surely together you will want to take a beer and celebrate in style that life thus returns to normal.

It is also possible to search and find new friends during these days. Currently there are many web pages and applications that serve this purpose. We have ours and we will always advise it. But we will do it with more emphasis during this peculiar period of our history. Therefore, if you want to make friends, contacts and meet people, we invite you to enter the website. You will find people from anywhere in the world, of all ages and beliefs. There are millions of users these days who seek to divert their attention from the pandemic we are experiencing. And we believe that our page is ideal for these moments.