Tinder and its users

Tinder and its usersTinder and its users deserve in-depth sociological and psychological studies. To begin with, let no one think that this is machismo. I am a man and I use this application to search for women. Therefore, I will allow myself to talk about what I see on a daily basis. What my gender does is unknown to me and I’m not the one to comment on it. However, I do feel empowered to talk about the various users on Tinder. And no, I’m hardly going to do it for good. However, I am going to generalize and that always implies making mistakes.

In this post I will try to dissect each type of user there is. Some are able to get into several groups at once, which speaks even worse of her. I already talked at the time about you use girls who use Tinder to promote Instagram, so I don’t even mention them.

Users without photo

I’m going to start with a peculiar group. Those users who do not put a photo of any kind or do not put a personal photo. We may see profiles of girls with the classic gray silhouette of a woman (no photos have been uploaded); and we may see pictures of animals, landscapes or drawings. It is also possible that we see photos of the back, legs, arms and other parts of the body but not of the face; much less full body. I have come to see profiles of girls who put the 9 photos from the same angle, same distance and same light.

Some excuse themselves saying that they do not want to show their face due to labor issues. Others, the majority, do not justify it and are unable to do what should be normal in an application to search for friendship or partner. I doubt they have any likes, but something tells me that they possibly have more than me.

Tinder and her moralistic users

I can’t help but laugh when I think of these users giving moral lessons to potential candidates. They give us lessons on how we should be, but then they are not able to give what they demand. Perhaps one of the most striking things they ask for is «I’m looking for someone who knows what they want.» With that, they take it for granted that it means «I want to have a partner.» I’m sorry to say that I know what I want and no, it is not having a partner. And no, that doesn’t mean sleeping with the first one I meet either. I know what I want and I also know what I don’t want. I don’t want to have a partner because I feel great being single. And even more so seeing what is happening in this world, full of people with such poor morals.

Yesterday I read on a profile: «If you are on the right, hit the X». She only needed to add: «Those of the right are very intolerant.» I have also read others say: «Tinder is not a sex search app.» Well, as far as I know, Tinder is an app for meeting people and then people what they want. You can have sex, travel, make new friends, find a partner, or get involved in a demonic sect. Some of them, and that really catches my attention, confess «radical feminists». I’m surprised that a girl like that hangs out on Tinder, looking for what? Will a boy with a minimum of intelligence give the like? I dont believe it.

Users without description

They abound and I don’t know why. I have used many other applications of this type and it is mandatory to put a description of at least X characters. Not here, and sometimes it’s good to know which foot the other person is limping on. Then they criticize us men because we only look at the physique, but I can not do otherwise if you do not say what you want, what you are looking for or what you are like. Therefore, it should be mandatory to put personal photo and description. So we all play in the same division. I have 9 recent photos showing my body (dress) and face. Also, I have my description in Spanish and English. Curiously, I am much less successful than a girl who puts a single photo of herself in a bikini with no description or anything.

Tinder and its users of perfect life

Those users whose life appears to be simply perfect call my attention. But then I ask myself: what do you do on Tinder if your life is so wonderful? You see his photos and in all of them he appears smiling, traveling the world, perfect photos that look like models. Some ski, others scuba dive, others parachute. They all have wonderful jobs (in Spain, hahahaha), they dress very well, they go to the gym, they do yoga. And then you go into Tinder looking for… what? Let’s be honest: adding a man to that equation, unless he is Leonardo di Caprio, is going to be a hindrance.

With which, to finish, my experience has not only not varied with respect to previous years but is even worse. I do not even enter to assess the physical aspect, because I am not Brad Pitt, far from it. Only with the personal theme it is worth to justify my singleness. I love being single.