My experience on Tinder

My experience on TinderI cannot qualify my experience on Tinder in any other way than negative. It’s been two and a half years in that social network to flirt but I don’t see anything positive. I already mentioned at the time that the attitude of the users does not favor at all the possibility of meeting people. But the application also seems to be riddled with bots. That means that in the end it is difficult to meet people who are worthwhile.

I’m not even talking about a real date anymore, that’s almost utopian, at least for me. And I don’t think I’m a particularly ugly or unpleasant person. Nor am I Brad Pitt or the soul mate of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. But I know what is cooked by this type of social networks and I think I am above average.

I have 9 photos on my profile, which are the maximum that Tinder allows at least for a non-paying user. Also, I have my description well placed in Spanish and English. I hardly have any «likes» so I’m not sure if people judge me by my photos or by my description. Perhaps it is because of both, although I think it is the first because the second is not read. When I get a match, that person hardly writes. Maybe once or twice a day, res

puestas muy escuetas y sin ningún tipo de fondo. Al cabo de unos pocos días, esa persona deshace el «match» y si te he visto no me acuerdo.

My experience on Tinder is negative

I spent a year using the paid version and my experience on Tinder Gold was no better. You have a number of advantages, it is obvious, but the behavior of the people is the same. You see who gives «like» to your profile, you can also change city and country; but in general people hardly show signs of life, and that is surprising. It is for several reasons, and is that many of those users are also Gold, that is, they have paid to use the application. If you pay for a service, the logical thing is to use it, right?

I write this article as a man, and knowing how the internet and social networks work, the nuance is important. On sites like Instagram, many women base their following on their physique. There are many popular sayings that prove me right, they need not be mentioned. And this applies to Tinder as well. I browse the profiles of the users and only find a huge gap. Profiles without photos, profiles without description, profiles with fake photos.

There are also profiles with photos of the back, feet, legs and other parts of the body. And finally there are the profiles who think that people are mentally retarded and say that the application does not work well for sending messages. That’s a lie, but with that excuse they «derive» everything to their Instagram account. That way, they gain followers for nothing.

Hopefully this Covid-19 pandemic takes away many instagramers and they have to really work.

A recent case that ended in nothing

I recently did a «match» with a girl from Venezuela who lives in San Sebastián de los Reyes. Two years younger than me, physically normal and with a brief description but talking about her. I think he said three things in three days and then disappeared. That kind of attitude, behavior, is what makes me think that Tinder is full of bots. Who gains from the use of those robots? It is clear that the application itself. Why?

The application lives on the money paid by some of its users. If a profile has no visits or «likes», that person will leave sooner or later. But if you have likes and interested people, you may be tempted to pay for their use. Once you get a «match», that person will think that the money is well spent. Later, many of those «matches» will stop writing or will leave without leaving a trace.

Let’s add to all that the majority of (the few) women who write something in their description is to ask for love, a partner, etc. If one does not seek that but a healthy friendship, then things are screwed.

Conclusions about Tinder

To begin with, I advise not to pay to use the application. The only really positive thing about Tinder Gold is the opening of the «Passport» function. That is, to be able to change location without restrictions. That way we can meet people from any city or country. Otherwise, it is not worth it at all. And meeting people from other countries if we can’t travel is a bit absurd. Therefore, let us assess well what we will do in the future with these new «friends».

Don’t expect to find anything to write home about. The difference between Tinder and real life is zero, with the exception of the ease of seeing faces (when there are). People are just as good or bad, just as real or fake, just as interested or sincere. Therefore, men of the world, do not deceive yourselves and do not let them deceive you. Consider my experience on Tinder.