Scammed for love

Scammed for loveScammed for love could be the title of a movie or television series. But no, unfortunately it is something that happens in reality. And more often than we think. On television or in the written press we have surely read of cases of this type in our country. What does it consist on? Basically, one person gets money from another through deception under the umbrella of love. Here we are going to comment on a real case that we learned about a few years ago. This will better understand what the problem is.

Many years ago I met Andreia, a Brazilian girl, through social networks. We were barely in our 30s and, although we did not speak the same language, we had no problems communicating. She was a teacher, she lived in a medium-sized city in Brazil. I was single and we had a good friendship. After a while, she told me that she had met an Argentine boy through the internet. He told me a few things and she seemed content and happy. They also shared the same time zone, something that is sometimes important in communication.

In this long-distance relationship, it is difficult to establish when the courtship begins. But she said yes, they were more or less dating. I was happy for her but evidently she stopped having contact with me. A short time later, and to my surprise, he wrote to me again. She told me that Christian, her boyfriend, was no longer such. What had happened for the relationship to end?

Real case of friends scammed for love

Andreia confessed that the Argentine boy had taken advantage of his goodness. She had managed to have some savings thanks to her work. Even though her salary was low and she lived alone, she had raised some money. This Christian told him that he had financial problems and that he needed money. She did not hesitate and sent him 900 euros thinking that, sooner or later, he would return it to her. Once he received the money, Christian did not show signs of life again. She was left without money and without a boyfriend. I imagine that both are painful because you have given your trust to someone and they have completely broken it.

In such a situation, Andreia had few options. The only real thing was to report the case, but if something like this hardly ever succeeds in Europe, imagine in South America. So she had no choice but to give up her money. A short time later it seems that she found love again, this time in Brazil, and I never heard from her again. But the case is real, it always struck me that there could be such bad people.