Long-distance relationships without physical contact

Long-distance relationships without physical contactLong-distance relationships without physical contact are increasingly common and no less strange. It seems difficult to imagine that two people can love and love each other without having touched. But even more strange is that two people can break a relationship without having seen each other in person. Despite this, you also have to think about the benefits. Distance can lead to less tension, less arguments, and fewer problems. For example, with the recent confinement by Covid-19, many couples have broken up and many marriages have ended. Spending two or three months locked in the same space has brought out all the negative things in both people.

Long distance relationships have not had this problem, because the situation has not changed for these people. But it is difficult to think that a couple can get by without contact, without kisses, without hugs or without sex. In the end, of course, it all depends on each person and what they really look for in a relationship. There are people who are content with having someone to talk to. Other people, however, want and need that physical contact on a constant basis. The balance is marked by the two people who are involved in that relationship. Therefore, success or failure depends on both members of the couple and their personalities.

Long-distance relationships without physical contact

The writer of this opinion piece acknowledges that he has never had a long-distance relationship. In fact, it has not even been raised as a possibility. But he has seen that situation and the truth is that it is still something peculiar. It is difficult to understand that a couple can establish even one anniversary of the beginning of the relationship. It is also difficult to understand that 2 years pass and that couple breaks up without having seen each other in person. What could have happened between the two? I imagine that the same as in other couples, but they have not even hugged or kissed. They are not aware that this part is also important in any love relationship.

You cannot establish a percentage of importance of the physical and the personal in a relationship. It seems difficult to think that it is 50-50 but the physical part has an important weight that the emotional part cannot counteract. Sometimes a kiss can fix something that cold chat words can’t. A hug can solve an argument and a night of sex and passion can make you forget some problems.

Balance is difficult to achieve, remotely or in person. But the physical part has its weight and it cannot and should not be avoided. Sooner or later, the long-distance relationship must change its condition or it will go nowhere.