The importance of photos before a first date

The importance of photos before a first dateThe importance of photos before a first date is relative. Many people value physique greatly before learning about other aspects of a person. Other people, however, believe that the body is not important in a relationship. Seeing how most dating sites and apps work, it is clear that photos play a crucial role.

The problem is that many times the photos do not tell us everything that really is. There are people who have a very good hand when it comes to taking photos. This is so because you know well what angles to use to reflect your face or body. For example, an obese person prefers to take overhead photos because they hide their volume a lot. Other people always have photos taken from the same angle, so that only one side of their face is visible.

Then we must ask ourselves if it is possible to fool another person with the photos before a first date. And the answer is that yes, such deception can be performed. That is why it is necessary to ask whoever values ​​the physique, to look at all the details. If a person has 10 different photos but only the right side of their face is visible, be suspicious. It is not that he is a person Harvey Dent but for some reason he is having that behavior.

There are women, and they do well, who give importance to their cleavage. That catches the attention of many men for more than obvious reasons. But that causes the focus to go to the breasts and not to the rest of the body. If a man likes a woman with large breasts but thin, perhaps she is being fooled by the photos.

The importance of photos before a first date

We will also see men who focus on showing only one attribute of their body. For example, the butt or the legs, strong from playing sports. But if it only shows that, the woman should think that the rest of the body and face will not be pleasant to see. The same would be valid in reverse, that is, that she only shows her face but we never see her body. Perhaps that man has a pretty face but his weight is twice the ideal. And that can cause rejection to more than one person.

How can it affect that what we see in the photos differs from reality? For those who value the physique in the first instance, it may be the key to having a second date or not. If a woman sees photos of a man and looks like Chris Hermsworth but then turns out to be Danny DeVito, that will be a problem. If a man sees photos of a woman and looks like Scarlett Johanson but then turns out to be Donatella Versace, that will be a problem.

The advice is clear: take a good look at all the photos. Take a good look at the angles, the silhouettes and how long they were made. Some people change considerably over time. What’s more, some people gain and lose weight very easily. When you are clear about whether or not you physically like him, take the next step.