Consequences of saying «I love you» in relationships

Consequences of saying "I love you" in relationshipsThe consequences of saying «I love you» in relationships can be very varied. Sometimes they bring good things and sometimes they bring all kinds of problems. Generally, people are confident to say these two words to their partner. However, there is some fear that it is too soon or that the other party will be anxious for taking too long.

Truth be told, there is no right or wrong time. If it takes a week, no problem. If it takes you eight months, it’s not a big deal. Everyone develops feelings at different times; sooner or later, there is no moment that is better than the other. However, new research has given us a rare insight into what the average time is for couples to reach all sorts of milestones; from choosing to sleep together, to everything related to sex and even saying «I love you.»

The results confirm the long-held notion that women and men actually differ in their approach to a relationship. Of the 1,000 people surveyed, more than half would wait at least three months before expressing their love. A third of women would have no problem saying it between one and three months after the new relationship; But the most surprising thing is that men were twice as likely as women to declare their love after just one week.

Consequences of saying «I love you» in relationships

When it came to relaxing in front of each other, women were slower to do so. 39% of the women in the study said they would wait a full year before «beginning to dress in front of their partner»; compared to only 11% of men who would do the same.

Regarding the exchange of sex on television, this was reduced more to age than to gender. 40% of young people between 18 and 25 years old chose television over sex in the first three months of a relationship; compared to just 22% of those between the ages of 33 and 40.

In terms of choosing sleep over sex, sex was declared most important for all genders for at least the first 12 months of a new relationship.