Using Tinder abroad

Using Tinder abroadUsing Tinder abroad is one of the most interesting experiences we can do on our travels. It is clear that certain premises must be met and the first of them is to be without a partner. Because the goal will be, logically, to meet people of the opposite sex. And if we have a partner, we do not believe that it is even possible to have the application installed. Then, you have to know what position you are going to adopt. That is, we know that once we enter the application, GPS location will be activated. That way, we will automatically appear in searches that people do in that city. But perhaps we want to adopt a passive attitude, hoping that other people will show interest in our profile.

The other possibility is obviously the opposite. That is, adopt an active attitude and start looking at profiles, scrolling left or right according to our tastes. Obviously each person has their preferences, but our advice is the second option. Because we will have more options to connect with more people. Otherwise we depend on what others do. But if we take the initiative, we will reach more people. Then, the success or not will obviously depend on the quality of the profile. A good description and some good photos will help to get more «match».

From there, we just have to wait and see if we are lucky or not. These things must also be done taking into account the time that we are going to spend in that city. It is not good to die of success, although that is better than drowning our illusions in a hotel room.

Using Tinder abroad and be successful

You have to be willing and available. We cannot want to go to another city, use Tinder and have other people make all the effort. Nor can we move ourselves to where the other person tells us if they take us out of a safety zone. Because not all cities are the same and not all city neighborhoods are good. Therefore, let us value everything we can do, everything we should not do, and choose what is best for us.

If we travel to another city and stay in a hotel, the normal thing is that we go to a tourist area. Therefore, this area could be a good place to meet the person who has «matched» us. If you feel a certain insecurity because you don’t really know what the other person is like, hesitate. It is in a public area, where there are enough people, and that way you will feel that everything will be better. Dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable, unless you go to the opera. And try to enjoy because surely in the profile of the other person you have seen enough elements to know who you are dealing with.