Young men prefer mature women

Young men prefer mature womenYoung men prefer mature women. What is the reason for this curious fact? There are studies that try to explain these causes, which range from the merely physical to the purely economic.

Some time ago, an article signed by Carlos Fresneda, the correspondent for the newspaper El Mundo in London, told the story of Mónica Porter. It was about a 60-year-old woman who after getting divorced decided to set out to conquer youngsters. These, by age, could well be your children. With her love affairs, she published the book My year of dating dangereous (My year of dangerous dating). In it, she tells how she got 15 boys to bed, two of them during the same day.

According to Fresneda, the good lady assures that there is an «army of men between 20 and 30 years old who fantasize about older women.» Because of course, we all understand that Madonna falls into the arms of Timor Steffens, a 26-year-old dancer who teaches abs to the minimum that you neglect. But what do they see in these women who said goodbye at 40? Regarding this phenomenon, Ana Obregón said that when «a man tries a Ferrari, he never wants anything else.»

Young men prefer mature women

Is it true that mature women are like a high-end sports car? One of the reasons is that same security that they transmit, that here I am a woman without complexes and with high displacement. Cougars (a term used in English for those looking for young meat) have greater energy and sexual experience; they also have less prejudice under the covers and a greater desire to experiment. The sexual fullness of women reaches past 40. In fact, according to a study carried out by the Center for Aging Studies at Duke University, 72% of women who had passed that age line admitted having improved their orgasms during the sexual act.

Other aspects to keep in mind is that they are more independent than young women and cling less to their partner. They have fewer sudden changes in character and mood, they tend to know better what they want and how they want it. They do not seek a commitment so ironically but to enjoy the moment without regret in the future. Young people are grateful for the independence of those ladies who make a tunic out of their cape, who act without asking for an explanation. They do not want children, something that distresses many men when facing a new relationship. And yes, we are not mistaken, the state of the current account also influences. These ladies tend to have greater purchasing power and, with a well polished credit card, the enjoyment is always much greater.