Techniques to flirt on the internet

Techniques to flirt on the internetTechniques to flirt on the internet according to dating portal studies. These are studies carried out by Wired magazine and two internet dating portals. How to flirt more? With proper data analysis, certain conclusions can be drawn. At least that is how it has been in the online field, because in the classroom it is another story.

With the collaboration of the dating portals OkCupid and, the team of the American magazine studied the thousand most used words, the most popular series and movies; as well as the 400 most successful profiles on both pages to reach, among others, the following conclusions:

  • If you are a gay man, you should post photos in the open air on your profiles. 48% of the most popular gay men’s images on OkCupid are.
  • Men like selfies, lesbians don’t. Only 4% of the homosexual girls who receive the most requests for dates use them.
  • Surfing and yoga are two activities highly valued by both men and women. If you go out doing an asana on a table (Sup yoga) will the page implode? What if while you’re doing it, you take a selfie?
  • «Mentioning cats is fine, but if you write ‘my cats’ then you are a freak.» In other words, you can include among your concerns to cut the throats of black kittens but you should not confess that you have pets. Digital data analysis shows that it still has as much to evolve as automatic switchboards.
  • Lesbians appreciate pretty legs; gays, strong arms; and heterosexuals, flat stomachs.
  • Men who use the preposition «who» get 31% more messages to date. «Who, who, who, who …» If you write it enough times, will Angelina Jolie call?

Techniques to flirt on the internet

Wired also gives some recommendations on the type of photos that receive the most meeting requests. «Those in which you are looking directly at the camera and show your teeth when you smile.» This proves that computer algorithms are not yet capable of fully assessing one of the variables with the most evolutionary weight: to be good or not.

Another study, in this case from the field, enriches and qualifies the previous tips to flirt online. American journalist Alli Reed decided to create a fake profile on OKCupid that would be so unpleasant that no sane man would decide to contact her. Her hobbies included making people believe they’re pregnant, pouring boiling coffee at homeless people, and keeping «American America.» All peppered with a good helping of spelling mistakes. She chose several photos of a model friend of hers in a bikini, corset, etc.

In 24 hours she received 150 messages. Her next goal was to get men to stop writing to her despite her (fake) body. So she confessed that she had opened a Facebook profile posing as a 14-year-old girl to harass some of her sister’s friends. Which her suitor found charming. She later told him that she was amusing herself by telling the men she dated that she was pregnant.