The romance broken by the coronavirus

The romance broken by the coronavirusThe romance broken by the coronavirus, this is how difficult this pandemic is being. Until recently, the path to finding true love was littered with fantasy images. Now that same path is strewn with obstacles. As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, people around the world now spend their days trapped at home. This means that late night video calls and secret love proliferate while the housemates are asleep.

Less than a week after closing, we have already witnessed the impact on dating. The dearth of physical contact caused by the pandemic could severely hamper people’s mental well-being. Dating apps have reported an increase in users. Bumble reported a 35% increase in the average number of messages sent since the outbreak began. Tinder has also noticed a significant increase in user activity, with 30% more conversations than last month.

In the virtual world it is not uncommon for romance to flourish, in fact it is something more and more common. It’s another way to talk and see each other regularly, engaging in shared activities online to foster a strong emotional bond. With casual sex off the table, the coronavirus has somehow put clocks back on the dating scene. Virtual relationships, especially in the early stages, can be considered a modern courtship.

The romance broken by the coronavirus

Couples in long-term relationships are also not immune to the impact of the pandemic. Thanks to confinement, those who already live together will spend much more time together than normal; And those who don’t run the risk of spending weeks or even months apart. There is no better time for single couples to see if their relationship can go the distance.

Some cases can have some drama. We are talking about people who for one reason or another have broken up with their partner but continue to live together. And due to fate, that broken couple has to continue sharing a bed but without really wanting to.

No one knows how long this will last, and no one knows what the lasting implications for our relationships will be. Could this usher in a new era for modern dating? In these strange and extraordinary times, everything about love is precarious. Except, perhaps, for the very basic fact that we all probably need it now more than ever.