Dating websites with beautiful women

Dating websites with beautiful womenThere are dating websites with very beautiful women who are only looking to get our money. About 15 years ago, more out of curiosity than anything else, I signed up for one. It was called ModelMeet and it promised real dates with real models. The reason they used for these dates to occur was that they were tired of people who only loved them for their beauty. That is, models who were tired of being with soccer players and actors. A complete nonsense, but that’s what they were based on.

To tell you about my experience, before signing up on that page my success with women was almost nil. So nothing made me think that no one was going to write to me. However, within a few days she already had several messages. How was it possible that a guy like me could be so successful with that select club? I’m obviously not stupid and I knew something smelled very bad. I googled some opinions and there were dupes who paid for the services of the website. Where was the key? To write to one of these models you had to pay. So they, or whoever they were, wrote before and we had to pay to read and respond. What amounts to a fraud.

I do not rule out that the girls were real, girls hired by the website to do that job. Hey, I pay you X to be on this page and respond to these people and give them some hope. Then you disappear for reason Z but with the money in your pocket. In any case, the accusations of internet fraud were several. I remember that the owner of the website was barely defending himself against attacks.

Dating websites with beautiful women

Three years ago or so I tried another similar website. It was called TravelGirl or something like that, and this time the goal was to travel with very pretty girls. I registered and within a few minutes I already had a message in my inbox. The mechanics were more or less the same, a beautiful girl told me that she wanted to travel, but in order to answer it she had to pay. Then it was another fraud of the many that are on the internet.

In the same way that there are web pages, there are applications for mobile phones. There I do not have the privilege of having tried any, I have not passed Tinder. I have already said several times that I don’t like how it works, but I don’t think there is fraud (in general). However, I have no doubt that apps like «Adopt a dude» go the way of ModelMeet or TravelGirl. They are the ones who choose the man but the man must pay to respond. And that is where the real fraud is.

My advice is not to pay, it is not worth it. There are many free options, although they have limits, that allow you to meet people from all over the world. The success rate may be lower, but at least we will have the money safely away.