Female sexuality in 10 keys

Female sexuality in 10 keysFemale sexuality in 10 keys. Is the woman less sexual than the man? Gloria Arancibia, psychologist and author of the book ‘Pleasure and sex in women’, concludes that thinking that women are less sexual than men is a wrong idea. She says: «Desire is present in the human being, with more or less intensity, but regardless of whether one is a man or a woman.» What, then, has led to underestimating female sexuality? The psychologist mentions some of the causes summarized in these 10 keys.

Female sexuality in 10 keys

  1. The weight of intercourse. You have been infused with a sexuality that is painful and fraught with shame, guilt or fear at the risk of infection and pregnancy. This has caused him to consider sex a source of discomfort and dissatisfaction that leads to reluctance or the renunciation of pleasure.
  2. A gag for pleasure. She was never allowed to express his wish. As a consequence, his silence has been a serious detriment to the couple’s relationship.
  3. The culture has denied him erotic stimuli. Pornography, the most suggestive advertising, erotic toys. Everything is designed to excite man.
  4. Male marketing. The woman’s body has been objectified. She has learned to be desired, but not to desire.
  5. Male speeches. The man counts his conquests. The woman hides them. And it is judged from the extremes: chastity and purity or total immorality.
  6. Confusion. Sexuality equals reproduction, as if this were the only end, something that has happened for many generations.
  7. Unawareness unlike men, it is anatomically more difficult for them to access their genitals. You have not been taught to view your genitals as erogenous zones, but rather as a source of trouble.
  8. Need to feed the male ego, even if 60% remain unsatisfied. Only now does her sexuality begin to belong to her and she lets herself be carried away by her feelings.
  9. Strictly genital act. To feel pleasure, a woman needs to bring her senses into play and develop an art of love. She thinks that eroticism begins in the morning coffee and no longer ends. Traditionally, for men it has started and ended in bed.
  10. Excellent male alibi. Using biological and cultural reasons, they have tried to justify abusive behavior in the couple. Not even her testosterone levels would excuse attitudes derived from a supposedly tireless sexual desire.

Our opinion about it

We agree with most of the points that the aforementioned psychologist lists. Especially the top 5. And very especially point 5. It is curious that a man who has several sexual affairs at the same time is seen as a gigolo; and a woman who does the same is considered a prostitute. That is a vision that is had in the street, it is not a perception that we are inventing now.

We believe that the sexuality of the woman is more complex and the man must understand and assume that to, firstly, try to obtain her pleasure and then his. If men focus on doing the same things they see in pornographic videos, we don’t think they will go very far.