Sex partners in our life

Sex partners in our lifeSex partners in our life are important or not depending on each person. Still today, the woman is criticized for her ‘happy life’ and the man is scoffed at narrating exploits. 5, 15 … 100! How many sexual partners are enough so that our ego does not feel aggrieved? How many would already make us suspected of promiscuity? Out of nostalgia, curiosity or simple entertainment, almost everyone takes a couple count at some point in their life and pulls the agenda. Couples not understood as lasting romantic relationships, of course. Sometimes a simple relationship with «right to touch» is enough, as they say.

They finish fast and they calculate ‘roughly’, without going into detail and with a certain tendency to inflation, according to psychologist Norman R. Brown. He’s a researcher at the University of Michigan. They put names and stop at the details: that summer love, the seductive neighbor, the officemate, the slip of spite. This way until counting an average of 8.6, according to the data that Brown handles. And in the case of men there are 31.9 cases. Something exaggerated, seeing the current panorama of overweight, alopecia, lack of hygiene and other factors that one sees on any street in any city.

Sex partners in our life

Statistics vary depending on who you ask. In any case, we love to know the averages and see if ours is too small or exceeds them. The dating portal eHarmony searched its British users. The women confessed an average of 7; the men an average of 10. In addition, the memory of about 4 horrible appointments came to them, the kind that they preferred to leave in oblivion. Most said they had fallen in love a couple of times in their life and had broken their hearts as many times.

But if we rely on data from the Kinsey Institute, men between 30 and 44 years old accumulate an average of 6 to 8 partners. Women stay at 4, a far cry from the twenty sexual partners that every woman should have before her marriage, according to Karyn Bosnak. She’s the American author who inspired the comedy ‘Tell me with how many’.

The latest study carried out by the European Society of Gynecology, with 9,600 women between the ages of 16 and 45, concluded that the average number of sexual partners of a European woman is 10. The men would exceed thirty. Perhaps exaggerations should be discounted, but those are difficult to measure. Remember that people like to brag about things they haven’t done. Or you like to exaggerate things you have done on a small scale.