Finding a partner online

Finding a partner onlineFinding a partner online became fashionable years ago and is still valid today. It has not been a passing fad, and it is that the great network facilitates everything in life. One of the great assets of the internet is instant contact with distant people. And it has also become the ideal substitute for dance floors or other casual places to strike up a potential relationship. It also serves as a place to have a sexual encounter.

One of the main observers of the dating page sector in Spain estimated at about 30% the relationships in Europe that have emerged on the internet in recent years. Despite all the developments, dating websites are one of the few businesses that continue to move at the rate of earnings they present.

«More than two million Spaniards register each year on pages for singles or in ‘casual dating’. By the end of 2011, more than 38 million euros had been spent on these websites», the authors of this study review. «The causes are varied: but in any sector, high-end portals with great quality, a careful portfolio of partners and good customer service are leaders,» they say. «And in this field, people are willing to pay money for good service,» they add.

Thus, the range in Spain extends to 18 dating portals: Badoo and Meetic are two of the best known and they promise from contacts with people ‘for whatever arises’ to finding your ‘better half’. But following that of renew or die, the webs are reinvented and now they specialize. Currently, one of the most famous is Tinder, famous all over the world. There it is easy finding a partner online or a new friendship.