Flirting online

Flirting onlineFlirting online is very fashionable. The proliferation of specialized internet portals on the subject has undergone a recent boom. Nowadays, it is possible to create a profile with ease and «sell» to others in search of a new love (or other things).

According to data from the dating website, in Spain, of the total of nine million singles over 18 years of age, half use the internet to find a partner. In addition, it is estimated that each year the figure grows more than 7%. In global figures, the 529 million euros that this industry entered in 2006 have become 1,466 in 2013 (in Spain, 40 million). And the thing goes to more.

However, is it easy to flirt online? It all depends on how well we know how to sell ourselves to other users. That is, we have to be good commercials of our personal characteristics. Therefore, there are certain things to keep in mind when creating a profile on a dating app. Everything counts, both the physical and our personality. It is a set that people usually value, so keep in mind what we say below.

Here are ten keys to flirting online:

  1. Post a clear and realistic photo that you submit to us.
  2. Honesty, but not crystal clear either.
  3. Skepticism without reaching cynicism.
  4. Sense of humor and self-confidence.
  5. Read the profiles well and do not contact the first pretty face.
  6. Keep expectations to a reasonable level, Beyoncé there is only one.
  7. Tenacity, the first contacts are not reliable.
  8. Do not insist with someone who shows no interest.
  9. Do not write when in a bad mood, we will come to a bad port.
  10. The net helps you optimize your ‘catch’, but remember that the good fisherman especially enjoys waiting.