Get out of a digital slip

Get out of a digital slipHow to get out of a digital slip? The use of social networks is very fashionable among people, even among the most «happy» couples. However, sometimes you can make certain mistakes that make the couple angry: a photo, a comment, a video. Anything can be the reason. For this reason, Jorge Barraca, psychologist and president of the Spanish Society of Clinical and Health Psychology, gives some keys to get ahead in such an embarrassing moment.

  • With good humor. The fun side of things benefits our physical and mental health and helps us find alternatives.
  • Naturally. Dramatizing and spontaneously assuming any criticism or reproach. You have to act as if nothing is wrong.
  • Anticipating future consequences so as not to be vulnerable to criticism or manipulation attempts.
  • Assuming our responsibility no matter how embarrassing the situation is.
  • The lament is useless, prevents evolution and causes depressive states, sadness and helplessness for not being able to go back.
  • Let us grant ourselves the privilege of forgiveness and also express forgiveness to those we may have offended.

However, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. So it is better to make proper use of the social networks that we manage and the web pages that we visit. Thus, we must avoid any option to hurt other people’s sensibilities. We must be especially careful with the photos we upload, the comments we make. Also with the passwords that we use, the ease that we give through the browser. These usually leave easily identifiable traces if we are not careful. And there is no need to download applications of unknown origin, so that may happen later.

Therefore, to get out of a digital slip you have to be natural but it is better to be cautious. We will thus save ourselves many problems.