How to survive bad friends

How to survive bad friendsHow to survive bad friends? Each person faces the different challenges posed by a friendship in various ways. It is therefore evident that there is no single method and that it depends largely on the personality of each one. However, we believe that we can all take into account a series of aspects to face these situations. For example, the first and foremost is self-love. If we don’t love each other, bad friends will eat us alive. You have to love yourself and accept yourself as you are, nobody is better than us.

If we have that point clear and won, the rest is usually easier. Because bad friends want to take advantage of the goodness of others. But whoever has self-esteem creates a barrier against such people. It will allow us to face bad situations in a clearer and more forceful way. Perhaps it will also allow us to make decisions about those people who claim to be friends.

You also have to have clear ideas, both good and bad. If we have doubts about something, bad people will run over us. And that is precisely what we want to avoid. It is about having our feet firmly on the ground, so that nothing and no one can move us. Also, bad people who want to take advantage of us don’t like that. In doubt they see our weakness, and that is where they attack.

How to survive bad friends

People may think that it is better not to have bad friends. But you have to realize one important thing: they will help us learn and be better people. A bad relationship has to open our eyes and make us see things differently. But it doesn’t have to be worse, but better, different, with more clarity, with more options. We will have the possibility to learn many things and be prepared for the next test. Who learns things from a good relationship or a good friendship? We come to think that everything is very beautiful, but the reality is very different.

In conclusion, with self-love and clear ideas we can survive any type of toxic person. It does not matter if it is the couple, a friend or a relative. We will be strong of mind, and that is the most important thing.