The power of a good massage

The power of a good massageThe power of a good massage can go beyond simple therapeutic use. In fact, it is clear that here we do not want to deal with the work that physical therapists do. Actually, we want to focus on massages that have nothing to do with physical pain or trauma. We refer to relaxing and sexual massages. Both can be practiced by couples, married couples or friends with rights. And the results are often fascinating if done properly.

The first ones, which we have called relaxing, only seek physical contact without going any further. We could say that the objective is that the person who receives it remains in a beautiful state of peace. Therefore, we consider that they are good for fostering good relationship in couples. And that is one of the benefits of physical contact that does not take place in long distance relationships. For this, the ideal is to have a comfortable place. The person receiving the massage should lie down on a bed or on a massage table. With relaxing music, soft lighting and aromatic oil, the rest goes almost alone. You don’t have to force, you don’t have to squeeze, you don’t have to twist. It involves running hands and fingers down the other person’s back or legs.

In the case of the seconds, the objective to be achieved is very different. Because what is sought and wanted is sexual intercourse. You should also find a comfortable place, and you can have relaxing music and aromatic oil. But the end will be penetration and intercourse. The advantage will be that there will have been a really good preliminary phase.

The power of a good massage

In the case of a relaxing massage, the ideal is to then have the possibility of sleeping with the other person. Because the environment will be calm and good to rest. It can be done before going to sleep, it is perhaps the best time of the day. It is also good to define beforehand what type of massage we are going to give. In the case of sexual massage, really every moment of the day is good. But it is also necessary to make clear what the objectives are going to be. A person waiting for a relaxing massage cannot suddenly find himself in an uncomfortable sexual situation. The same happens the other way around, if one person hopes to end the massage with sex but the other person ends up sleeping.

Choose the type of oil well, it does not matter for the type of massage. Also choose the music you are going to play well, there are many options on YouTube. If the massage is relaxing, it is better not to touch the legs of the other person. If the massage is sexual, the inner part of the thighs is too suggestive and very exciting. And it is really a good area in the case of women, since their sexual organs are within reach of the fingers.