Sex and friendship

Sex and friendshipSex and friendship may or may not go hand in hand. For a long time it is something that is frowned upon because they say that sex kills friendship. But mature people know how to deal with a situation that is neither strange nor extreme. In general, we have the view that sex occurs only within the couple. However, we know that this is not the case in many cases. We do not want to enter the world of prostitution but in that of friends with rights. That is, a couple of friends who, without being a couple, can have sex. And they do it with respect, affection and understanding.

Sometimes even these sexual relationships may be better than those of a couple. Because they are not people who have anchored themselves to another and who, more or less, know what is going to happen. In a marriage, sex can even be boring because it is methodical. But in a friendship there are always new things and you never know when it will be possible to repeat. In addition, it is convenient to take advantage of the time because you never know what may happen tomorrow.

But beyond the experience itself, we want to talk about how having sex can affect a couple of friends. Because the belief that sex destroys friendship is false. Other, more important factors determine whether or not a friendship will continue despite sex.

Sex and friendship

People with a sufficient degree of mental maturity can have sex with a friend and nothing bad will happen. What’s more, that can even strengthen those emotional ties. Because a special affection may be generated towards the other person that would not exist in other circumstances. The key therefore lies in how each person deals with that situation. And in that sense, you have to start from a base: men and women do not see things in the same way.

The man is always more physical than the woman; the woman is always more emotional than the man. This is true in general, but not in all cases. However, it allows us to see that sex is more important to men than friendship; and for women friendship is more important than sex. What’s more, it is possible that the woman ends up wanting something more than friendship; while the man will continue to want a more physical relationship.

In short, each situation is a world that can be analyzed individually. However, and as we have mentioned before, greater mental maturity will make us face this situation better.