Lubricant in sex

Lubricant in sexThe lubricant in sex can be of great importance. People do not give it the importance it deserves and consider it superficial. But it has been shown to help make sex better. The reason is simple: it avoids irritation in the genitals because it relieves friction. In many cases, there is a tendency to think that the natural lubrication of women is sufficient. But you have to be more open-minded.

If we are going to have sex frequently for a short time, it is advisable to use help. For example, on a vacation with your partner or with a friend. Maybe we want to take the time to do something we don’t do during the rest of the year: sex. We cannot ask our genitals not to get irritated from day one. And if they get irritated, the next sex sessions will be painful, for her and for him.

Therefore, the solution is to buy and use some lubricant in sex. Even machines need one to function properly. Therefore we do not believe that we are worse or insufficient for using a lubricant. On the contrary, it is much better than not using it, either with or without a condom. In fact, it is especially advisable when you are not using a condom. Because this piece of latex helps protect and lubricate the genitals. But nothing compared to a good liquid bought from the right place.

Types of lubricant in sex

This world is quite interesting, there is no single type of lubricant but quite the opposite. Depending on the type of sex we want to practice, there are anal sex or vaginal sex. There are also mixed ones, for those who want to try sex in general. The difference between the two is basically given by the muscle relaxant that one carries and the other does not. That is, for anal sex, a lubricant with a muscle relaxant is used. This is not necessary in vaginal sex. Therefore, when in doubt and if you do not want to buy one of each, you can choose a mixed one.

There are other factors that are also important, such as pH or smell and even taste. Because yes, some are edible. And this can also be useful if we want to mix it with oral sex. Brands like Durex have some that are fruit flavored, like strawberry or cherry.

Where to buy lubricant for sexual intercourse? If you have doubts, do not hesitate to go to a specialized store. If you don’t have them, then Google and you will find thousands of options. Even Amazon sells this type of plugin, and it is always a guarantee place.